What are the company’s activities?

Printextyl is a young, dynamic company specialised in the creation of graphics for clothing and the production of printed fabrics, as well as the marketing of fabrics for women’s clothing.

What are the company’s strong points?

Printextyl’s daily mission is to guarantee its customers the highest standards in terms of: research, quality, service and exclusivity.

Our customers are always at the centre of our attention and we do our utmost to be quick and efficient in resolving any situation in order to help customers achieve their objectives.


Fundamental point of its work to protect the customer within an increasingly difficult and competitive market


Continuous updating on new trends and materials


The customer is always the focus of Printextyl, which over the years has always preferred quality over quantity


Printextyl was founded as a contract service company in the field of fashion graphics
and sublimation printing. Over the years it has established itself as a serious and reliable company.


Over the years, it established itself as a serious and reliable company by starting to produce its own sample book of printed fabrics, laying the foundations for the sale of 'finished' fabrics. In addition, thanks to the Cozzolino family's thirty years of experience in the textile field, it also began to market fabrics outside the world of printing, winning partnerships with weavers and finishers in Italy.


On the strength of its success in the Campania region, Printextyl opened up for sales on the national market, creating a widespread and structured sales network to provide customer service and assistance.


Despite the pandemic period putting a strain on the entire textile sector, Printextyl manages to further increase its presence on the domestic market and begins to turn its gaze to the international market, in particular by planning to participate in world-class trade fairs. The investments and sacrifices made by the Cozzolino family and the entire Printextyl team allowed the company to expand its machine park and the possibilities of processing fabrics, as well as increasing the production capacity of its existing lines.

With whatsapp contact between the customer and the heart of the company, we are ready to offer a first-class service guaranteeing immediate and efficient responses. High quality is guaranteed by state-of-the-art machines and an operating team that pays attention to the smallest details.

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